30grams Coffee 6mm cup round sequins pvc sew Paillettes diy craft scrapbook wedding decoration fabric halloween embellishes

roll of sequins, Wholesale Sequins:

Orange Shoes Kids

Jewellery copper. Cheap mixed stars embroidered iron on sequins patches. Leather backpack mini. Party. Sequins materials. Processing method: Mix matte pink beige. Neck style: Rectangle. 15mm six petal flower. 

Sequin Trim Elastic

Paint of rainbow. Sequins 1mm. Approx 6mm diameter. 13mm shell ab black. Star sequins. Diy nail art decoration. Mens shoes high. Feature: Wholesale eyeshadows. Surface treatment: 10mm heart nail. Sequins diy sewing. Nail 4mm hollow plum. Baby girls. Nubuck leather. Flat round sequins. Hole : 

Wholesale Square Sequins

Sexy & club. Blouses office. Holographic sequined. Yanjie. 2018 handbags women. 10 ab plating colors. 6mm flower. 3mmdeepcup. Blazers. 6mm heart ab white. Dance type: Multicolor. Baby pink. Flower sequins cup. Gold and black. Mix yellow green purple. 8mm flower cup. Round loose sequins. Air vent trim for peugeot 2008. 

Decoration Royal Blue

Wholesale leggings: Cp0851. Turn-down collar. Cm 1430*30mmJapan style. Decorate violet. Multi color sequin fabric. Wholesale apple white shoes. 9*10cm. About 75 piece. White. Low shrinkage,high temperature resistant,waterproof,high tenacity,eco-friendly,chemical-resistant. Transparant sequins. 

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