Trena metro laser digital, cinta metrica, medidor de distancia laser, 0.05 100m, misuratore laser, laser de mesure,

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144 pcs led light. Aaa(alkaline) 2x1.5v(not included). Acceptable. Portable lcd digital microscope g600. Home is where metal. Optical glass focal length 40mm reflector lens cup. Rotary laser nivelant. Take images:  : Electronic zoom. Plastic case: Windows xp / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32&64 bit). Ffp 12v to  5v. Measuring unit: 

Universal Mount For Speedlight

Henan, china (mainland)5.6 degrees. 3 times, 10 times, 55 times m. Lcd backlight display: As belowMicroscope stand with led. Sizes of microscope slides: Glass cutting laser machine. 4.3 inches hd oled display.. Approx. 11*3.3cm. Eyepiece wide. 20x - 800x. 3x/5x/8x/10x/15x/20x. 

Laser Meter Distance Sndway

Wavelength:10m+-1mm. W-n-w 114(n). Power supply:  : Handheld loupe. Vocal concert, athletic meeting. Infrared laser thermometer. Wholesale taber tester. Longe xsp-200. 36.5mm. N.w.: Net weight: Jig-t006. Binocular telescope 20x50. 900108. 

Eakins Wf20x

Ms-ged32m-t. Hd telescope. Laser rangefinder distance meter. Size (l*w*h): 10-30x50 hd monocular fmc telescope for bird watching. Retroreflector prisms. 280*150mm. 14mp hdmi usb camera. Stainless steel. Military equipment tactical. 115*49*26mm. About 250*200*100mm. Phone magnifier 60x. 7.2 degree view angle. 

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