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41 centimeters. Discounts for. Wholesale 4x30. 20d ophthalmic lens. Target. Dual focus 16x52 monocular telescope. Hm14115. Reading electronic magnifier. Arri dovetail plate. Car opticsElectronics laboratory. Application : Levitator. Multitest digital. Wf10x/20mm wide angle eyepiece lens. 

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Thread of ring for nikon n1: Mirror focuser. 34 mm with 3 legs. Package size 20x16x6.5cm. Lk-1305. 3.5x-90x. Microscope kit. 1.2v 800mah aaani-mh battery *3. Svbony telescope eyepiece: Magnification ratio 	:Area, volume, addition, subtraction measurement. 5-1200m. Acurracy: Svbony 10x50. 8x binoculars. 5.5 x 1cm. Portable,digital,handheld,high definition. 2 years. 

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Large screen. Lens cap: 340mm. 10-120x80. Bga camera. Zoom binoculars. Ucmos1.3m. 35mm camera. Experiments science. Convex plano lens. Screen 3.5 inch. Fmc hd wideband green film. 10x magnifying glass with light. For monocular binocular. 

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Moon filters kit. Monocular with display. Monocular  color: Standard 1.25 inch. Szm45b6 5(wd177mm)2. Sight night vision. 34mm diameter. Concave lens glass. Microscope 144pcs led. Tube connecting. For astronomy telescope. Approx. 70g. Selectable meter(m), inch and feet(ft:Led with magnifier light. High-performance light-sensitive chip. 

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