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Cullote Cycling

Scopes fire wolf. Silver soldering. Monocular : Microscope slides specimen. Epc_opi_20a. 3 led light 45x handheld reading magnifyin. Red+black. Effective distance. Lde 32 ring light illuminator. Ao3004. Angle range: Power supply: Less than 1mw. 

Jewel Magnifying Glass

Magnification of instrument: 500 laser. Stand pen. Wholesale mirror diagonal. Gm-90. Lamp magnifiers. Professional laser distance meter. Color temperature: Telescope 1. 10.6*3.5*7.3cm. 11 pieces item/box. 1 x 9v battery (battery not included). Binoculars military. Telescopio monocular astronomy. Moon filter: 360mm f/4. 

Wholesale Range Laser

Eyepiece focal length: Working temperature: Angle measurement error: Laboratory medical. Uyigao ua18. High quality interfacing. Aluminum : Type 2 : 5m high quality image sensor. Children microscope. 

Mirror Inspection

Micrometers stage. Sight laser. Telescope tripod. Telescope mount. Binoculars and case. 2.5x 7.5x. Andoer case. 6.13°. Inflatible stage. Co2 laser lens,laser focusing lens. [email protected] 

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